shifting mists
2001-10-03 03:49:32 (UTC)

keeping faith ...

what we talked about last night was so important
amazing as well
i had not realized something
something important
something that you pointed out to me last night

we talked about how all relationships go through rough
spots and hard times
how this right now is one of those times

but you see
i had not considered what we are going through together
right now as one of those times


because there are not problems between us
just problems for us to overcome together

and the realization that this is one of those rough spots
amazes me
the thought delights me

because if our rough spots feel this smooth to me
if within our hard times i continue to always feel this
close to you
this much a part of you

then our life together is going to be a fantasy come true
a daydream come to life

please don't take my impatience and fear of fate/life’s
cruelty as lack of faith in you

i love you so much J.

i believe in you
i have faith in you
in us
you are my shining light
my white knight in a true-life fairytale

and with you there with me my future is so breathtakingly

. . . it's just hard to wait . . .