The Shadow of Myself
2001-10-03 03:48:46 (UTC)


Oh my gosh... you know what I want? I want to be able to
not worry about anything. I want to be able to fall for
someone completely without the fear of being hurt by them..
or finding out that they don't feel the same. I always
feel like I have to walk on glass when I'm around a guy I
like b/c I never feel like I know what he is thinking.

Second.. well yeah.. I guess that if my first "want" was
taken care of then I wouldn't have this second one.. so

Ok.. for some reason I don't really feel like typing
anymore tonight... but yeah I do I just thought of
something I want to say. I don't appreciate thinking about
someone that I don't want to think about. Like they just
keep poping up in up your thoughts randomly.. and you're
like geez.. quit. But maybe in some small way I want to
think about that person.. I wonder what it is though.. and
why it bothers me so much that I think about them. I
probably know both answers.

ok.. and I'm done....