2001-10-03 03:32:21 (UTC)

another feedback from..

another feedback from sweetdolphinchic ::
hey could you like write sumthin about ur school?

my response::
lets see..currently my school situation is odd to Americans
(the province I live in works ona different grade system
than the US) In high school I went to a Arts School where
one would practice an art (dance/vocal/instrumental
music/visual/drama/lit) for one period out of four, and the
rest of the day would be standard academia.

But because there is a year (sometimes extended into two)
of "university prep" students are required to take a year
extra if they wish to continue onto post-secondary
situation. I'm in that year right now (I've technically
graduated high school, just can't graduate officially until
I have my "uiversity prep" courses. See? I told you the
education system was confusing.) Anyway right now I'm
completing "university prep", taking one day class, a night
time lecture and a corrospondence course courtesy of the
University of Toronto.

Since all of my courses are at different places, I don't
really have a school right now. But hopefully I will next
year when I actually enter university and major in