Ramblings of a Mom
2001-10-03 03:31:29 (UTC)

As the world

Well, as usual, these 'foolish choices' come back to haunt
me, time and time again. As was mentioned before in
previous entries, the guy that I am talking to (we shall
call him D), is/was/is dating someone else. The reason for
the multiple changes there is that it honestly changes that
often. I have lost track how many times these two people
(I can't even say adults now) have 'dumped' each other for
whatever reasons! It's pitiful to say, being as that they
have never even set eyes on each other (yet).
D calls me this evening, tells me, after all of the convo
this morning about getting ready for her pending arrival,
that he has dumped her and that that is it! That he has
had it, and it is over! Needless to say, my heart soars,
and then breaks for him, knowing that he really cares about
her. But then again, hello, opportunity is knocking, and I
can at least be there to make sure that his birthday turns
out well.
But alas, the soaring dives just a couple of hours later,
when he calls again. She has once again called,
apologizing profusely, and he, after some hesitation, takes
her back, yet again. So, once again, the smart woman is
left to deal with her foolish heart. But this time, I am
angry. I am reeeealllly angry, and I can't hold my tongue
any longer. I tell D that ya know, I am your best friend,
and I do promise to stay that way, and I will support
whatever decision that you make, but that does not mean
that I have to like it.
I even went so far as to tell him that that does not mean
that I have to throw an engagement party, or hell, even a
wedding reception for them!! I have honestly had it with
this whole Peyton Place ritual!! There has got to be a
limit, a line drawn in the sand, so to speak, and we have
to stick to that boundary!!! And then, he wants to compare
this 3 month 'relationship' and his dedication to it to
being kinda like me and my ex-husband's?
Oh my, DONT even go there! With me and my ex, there is 6
1/2 years, a marriage, and basically 2 kids (one together,
one step) to it! PUhleeeeease, don't even compare that to
this! Anyway, better sign off momentarily anyway, wouldn't
want to bore ya, lol! Have a great night, and SMILE,
tomorrow is HUMP day!!! lol