Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-10-03 03:29:28 (UTC)


I got off work early today. 12 kids at 3:30.. wow:)

When I got home from work, I watched TV for a bit, then
decided to go to Cato for a bit. I got a shirt for $3.99
(once again.. cheap.. haha), and I got a really
nice "sporty" jacket. I've been lookin for one, and I'm
glad I found it.

When I got home, mom and dad said they wanted to go to
Fiest Bravo. Yay! I haven't had that in forever. Chili Con
Queso.. love it:)

Then, we went to Wally World (as Gabe calls it on his away
message...) and I got some make-up and a posterboard.

I got home and cut out the pics of my kids at the day care
and put them up on the poster and made a "We love Day Care"
collage:) Yeah.. I'm crafty.. thanks...

So.. that's about it really. Oh yeah, for those of you who
are curious.. JD is going to be stayin with Tess in a week
and a half.. haha