Procrastination is Key
2001-10-03 03:15:16 (UTC)

Look what I did

So YAY! I know this might not be very impressive to a lot of
people but I am very excited that I made myself a webpage!
I just decided that I wanted one and I knew that the school
gave everyone space on the server, so without ANY (and I
mean zip) knowledge about the process, I set out on a
mission:-p I finally found some helpful pages on ATN that
pretty much gave me an idea of what I was doing, so that's
how it happened. I've been spending too much time on it I
think, but I guess its a lot of work at the beginning to
start getting things the way you want them. I am hoping to
add some neat pics in a few weeks, from when Kat and I made
a trip up here this summer- I hope they turn out! I am not
quite the master photographer. If any of my friends reading
this have some pictures on file they want to send I can put
them up- or take them home and scan them and then put them
up:-p Also, any ideas in general would be appreciated!....
.... OK so I was just interrupted by a very odd IM- a friend
from HS who's name I didn't even have just left a disturbing
message- however, I am pretty sure it was not her that sent
it. I wonder why people do that, hmm?
Enough of this- I am bored so I will probably be going to
bed soon!