2001-10-03 03:00:23 (UTC)

sickly tuesdays

i have contracted my first fall cold. exciting. many more
to come im sure. i feel completely physically and
emotionally drained right now. i need a new crowd. the
few guys in my life all drive me completely crazy. they
are all just fucking with my head and emotions and

what i want in a man...
the list...
the standards...

1. somewhat attractive, not in that vain "oh my god he's
soooo hot" kind of way, just a pleasant get's better with
time sort of face.

2. intelligent. physical relations can only get you so
far, i need something else to do the other 23 1/2 hours of
the day.

3. think about me fondly when i'm not there. what can i
say, i love to be admired.

4. respect my feelings and thoughts. i doesn't matter if
they are right or wrong, they are what i am feeling so they
are obviously important to me.

5. trustworthy. i am the ONLY girl for them.

6. understand where i am coming from and deal with it. i
have the most over-protective psychotic parents, but they
mean well...

7. under 25, goes without saying.

only 7 demands, cant be that hard...right? i have
looked they are nowhere to be found.. let me know if you
see any available.