my manic world
2001-03-01 04:40:04 (UTC)

she came to visit today, kind..

she came to visit today, kind of, she had to go somewhere
near mywork, so she stopped in. i was glad to see her.
she looked as beautiful as ever. i bought her a pimp ass
yellow shirt, its gonna look killer on her. i'm excited
about seeing her skinny body inside of it. yea, so i can
totally say today was a good day, being that it is about to
come to a close. teh sun has been shining a lot lately, it
makes me smile. the warm rays kissing my cheeks and
enveloping me, aahh....spring break is not too far off
now. i hear the ocean call my name, whispering sweet
nothings into my ears, teasing me, waiting for me. the
salty air, the cool water, the sand beneath my feet, i
yearn for it like you yearn for your lovers embrace. be
patient, soon enough, i will be reunited, joyfully, with
those waves. good night all. and katie hun, feel free to
email me.

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