Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-03 02:41:58 (UTC)

ein regnerischer Tag?

I sound like a duck. (The German translates into "A fine
day for ducks"... how fitting?) My allegies are getting to
me, and I am constantly blowing my nose, sniffing, and all
other sorts of stuff I find unpleasant. My stuffy nose
makes me sound like Donald Duck. That's just great. Just
Beth's having a Homecoming party Friday until midnight. I
don't know if I'm going, b/c not many boys are going, and
that just wipes the fun right out of it! Karin said
Brandon and Zach weren't going, and that's who would have
made it more fun for me, cuz I have a feeling 3 1/2 hours
with Lacey would have forced me to do something
We just finished up our magazine sales today, and raised
some $6500, which is impresive for the people in my grade.
I sold about $100 worth of that. We would have done alot
better, but the Junior's just got done with theirs right
before we started, so many people had already bought from
them. The money's going toward our prom, and we want
enough for a hypnotist, but we don't know if we'll have
enough in 3 years for one, depending on what we do with the
money before then.
Our volleyball game at G-LR was NOT fun, to say the least.
I played okay, except for my serving, which looked like a
Gold team server. (C team, in other words.) I made ONE
good serve the whole night, but that's okay, since I was
only up to serve twice anyway. Damn coach subbed me out
before I had a third chance...
My History test went better than I thought, because I knew
everything on it except for one of the three bonus
questions. I could not for the life of me
remember "Glorious Revolution". Why, I don't know, I
remembered the kind that was overthrown in the Glorious
Revolution, but I couldn't remember the NAME of it! Maybe
Spooner will give me credit for having the right English

"Breathe in and breath out"

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