Into the Apparently Pathetic Life of a M
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2001-10-03 02:26:54 (UTC)

Soccer, again....

Had a soccer game tonight. Left school early, went on to
the game. We lost, again.......=( Not having a good season
this year. I shot a cross, and when my right foot was stll
following through, a girl took my left leg out from under
me. Kinda hard to stand up when you've got no legs on the
ground. Fell, got some minor whiplash. Hurts like a mother.
Someone asked me today what that meant. "How bad does a
mother hurt?" I wouldn't know...I don't have a mother. Was
out of school yesterday, Jason called me last night...We
talked for a while, until Epa came home. Then he and I
watched a movie, Pi. 3.14. Maybe there is a pattern in
everything, even the stock market, but THERE IS NO PATTERN
IN PI! Sorry, psycho. Not happening. It's a great movie,
though. Went to bed, had nightmares. Freaky movie, I guess.
Horror films don't scare me, but movies that make me think
are just too much for me. Michael's got soccer practice
tomorrow. Car and Jason were going to come over and cook
dinner with me, but Michael found out today that he had to
work...Jason can't come over...Shucks. Well, Car and I will
try to have fun. Not the same without both of your best
buds. Well, plus Jacey's not moving in for a few more
weeks. Man, I wish she would move in sooner. It's getting
sorta boring over here. Jacey and Jason are still adamant
on me quitting soccer, because I hurt my neck. Got a
lecture from Jacey, got a lecture from Car, too. But that
was a different reason. Coach asked us when we went wrong
in our game. I muttered, "When we walked on the field."
Outdoor soccer isn't my game, okay? Cannot wait for
indoors. Oh, FFC's playing against NLFA on Friday....Guys
V...Can't wait...It'll be awesome. Except NLFA's going to
kick our butts. Whatever.