Finding my Light
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2001-10-03 02:10:05 (UTC)

My Dieing Friend

Oh Lord I don't know what to do. My best friend,
Lindsay, is changing into someone she shouldn't become.
The Lindsay that I respected, loved, and cared for is
dieing right in front of my eyes and I can't do anything.
When I first met her she was bursting with possitive
energy and enjoyed life. She was beautiful inside and out
and had a lot of friends. Ever since I met her in the
sixth grade we had been very close. We could talk freely
with each other and no matter what nothing could break us
apart. But now though it's different.
Ever since last year Lindsay began going down this deep
path that just made her sadder and sadder. I tried to snap
her out of it by taking her places were everyone was having
a good time and she couldn't help but get into the mood
also. It seemed to work for a while, but then she fell
back into a dressant state again.
I got lucky there though because this guy that she had
liked for almost two years had suddenly taken an interest
in her which brought her spirits up. I didn't have to do
anything! They spent a lot of time together and Lindsay
had never been happier in a long time. They soon become
boyfriend/girlfriend and I was able to sleep well again.
That didn't last as long as i hoped though. after
about three months the two broke up and Lindsay went back
into her depression! I began stressing out again and I was
soon being affected. Seeing that I wasn't getting much
sleep and becoming more irratable my parents told me not to
see Lindsay until I had gotten better. I did as I was told
and indeed I was getting better. After I had recovered
from my stress I began helping Lindsay again, but I soon
found out that she had slipped farther into her black hole.
Now she had been drinking and getting drunk quite often
and not even I could stop her. She had gone totally out of
control! Her friends had changed and now she was hanging
out with useless people who got drunk, smoked, and did
drugs. I was totally terrified and ran from her
(mentally). I broke myself away from her, but now before
telling her what I thought.
I should have known she wouldn't listen. At this time
now she wants to drop out of school and move in with her,
so called, friend Olivia. I'm sorry, but I don't care much
for Olivia. She is so dark and upsetting. Nothing that
relates to school is good. And this dude named Brian isn't
too good either. He's always in rouble with gangs or
something! I just wish she would stop hanging out with bad
people and start hanging with good honest people. That's