2001-10-03 01:06:21 (UTC)


guess what.
i just wasted the past 2 hours editing my new webpage.
apparently i screwed something up, and had to revert it
back to what i had before i started editing today.

that **really** pissed me off.

i pretty much fixed everything in 5 minutes even though it
took me 2 FUCKING HOURS TO FIRST FIGURE OUT. i suppose that
should be a good thing though.

... i wanna hurt something. Too bad maggot isn't over.
maggot is a dog my mom baby-sits all the time. i can't
stand that stupid thing.
don't get me wrong- i love critters- maggot's just a
fucking idiot. i have no sympathy for it whatsoever. in
fact, i'd boot the damn thing if i wouldn't get in trouble
for it. hell i get yelled at for telling it to get the hell
away from me.

gods i need a new subject.

i got 625,000 np on neopets. 180,000 of 'em were gothie's.
she gave 'em to me a few days ago because she never plays
it anymore. her only stipulation was that she gets to
battle using my pets once in a while. *shrugs* works for me.

oh yeah, it has been brought to my attention that i have
never quite explained who 'gothie' is. i shall do so now.

i've known gothie (aka: Gothangelic) since grade school.
she and i used to live about a block away from each other
before my dad sold his house and moved out to chicago. she
and i still pester each other once in a while outside of
school (i'm still trying to get her over here to watch
bebop ...), but not quite as often as we used to. i'm too
lazy to walk what already is a 20 min drive. i'm sure she'd
say something similar.

((by the way guys, she's single, sexxxy, and needs to get laid. ^.^x))
not that she needs any of my help with that.
she's already got her cisco class sending network msgs to 'jump the
nearest female' (she's the only girl in there). i'm also surprised
she hasn't taken advantage of some of the offers already that shall
remain nameless. *coughEQUIPMENTcough*

*re-reads that stuff* man, too bad i won't see her face when
she reads that. probably gag on her faygo or something. lol.

don't worry, she'll get me back quite easily. i can pretty
much guarantee it. my guess is she'll say something along the lines
of 'you're one to talk!' (**note the lack of denials or agreements on
my part**) and something else too. i know her too well. we've been
friends for too long. ^.^

well, as i await the retailiation that i so deserve - i think i'll go
back to dreamweaver. i'm not quite as pissy, so i don't think i'll
break my moniter for a while longer now.