Where am I?
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2001-10-03 00:59:09 (UTC)


you ever just want to bitch to someone, but there not
there? oh well, i guess thats why im supposed to write
it. i cant take this stress...i just end up getting really
pissed and i dont know why. i had a fucking long day today
and all i wanted was to talk to my bf. but he decided to
go to sleep so i couldnt, which is fine. i was fine when
he wanted to sleep. i wish i could sleep more. but when
i find out that he wakes up for this random girl its
somewhate aggravating. and now he wants to go to the gym
with her, hes never been to the gym before and would never
go if i wanted him to go with me. fuck that. fuck it all.
they can go off and do all the shit they want to together
that he would never do with me...i just dont want to hear
him bitch when she gets attached or tries something cause
her current relationship isnt working out. sound
familiar? dont question me on girls intentions. besides i
am a girl. she shouldnt recieve more respect than i do and
im sure he uses all his little "terms of endearment" on
her. whatever, im just gonna stop giving a fuck. maybe
he'll realize that im to fragile to fuck with.

anyway, to any of those who read this, im sorry if it
offends you i just needed to vent.

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