shell's life
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2001-10-03 00:38:24 (UTC)

uhh so tired of guy problems

ok well me and derrick are having some problems. he got a
bunch of girls all up in his shit especially some chick
mellisa. well i wrote him an e-mail last night sayin that i
was tired of his shit and that he better tell me the truth
or it is over. and this is what he said....

hunn what is ur fucking problem i would rather have u
over any gurl
in the
i would never cheat on u and i never will hunn i love u
and im not
saying that
look if u dont want me to talk to melissa i wont but i dont
know what
problem is
dont do this to me just when i know im in love and i never
thought i
would u
are goin
and saying the things u are saying to me that hurts babe
i dont
think u
know that but it dose hurt to think that u dont trust me
and if i had
to pick
between the 2 of u i would pick u even if my life depended
on it ... i
never do anything to hurt u
i dont know how i can say it to make u believe me but i
wish u would
and i do care if i loss u i dont want to leav u and i
hope u dont
to leav me
baby i do love u
but i have to go mom is
bitching at me

ok well i think that's it.........bye yall

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