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Glendochka's New Bubble
2001-10-03 00:02:02 (UTC)

what a loooong day!

well it seems like it to me. im just so tired. lack of
sleep. yup. thats what it is. god ... no more goin out on a
sxool night for me when i still have homework to do. its
just bad! i need my sleep!

i was in such a crappy mood when i got to sxool this
morning. i had to stay up late (til 1:30 i think) to do my
homework, but i didnt finish it so i had to get up 45 mins
earlier than usual to do it, and i still didnt get to
finish it! the hw i was doin was for my first class so that
was crap.

first class was boring. all she did was talk and talk and
talk!!! most of the class time, she talked about something
that was like totally way off topic from what we were
suppose to be doin. it was so stupid!

thnk god my next class was more fun than my first. i had
caf. work, and this girl and i got to cook the fish for the
special of the day (fish and chips), and oh man. it was
such a messy job (you know with the flour and the batter).
and i also stuck my finger in the oil by accident when i
putting the fish in the thing. omg it hurts!!! but it was
fun though. i like my class. everyone's so kewl.

what sucks though is we had to stay for lunch and serve the
food. we stayed for the whole lunch hour! usually we get
off like 10 mins before lunch ends, but it was so busy
today so ended up staying there for the whole lunch. i
didnt really mind that much cus i was having fun just
messin around with the rest of my class. we got free lunch,
and thats a good thing cus i left my money at home. usually
i get fries, but since we ran out, i just took the soup. we
didnt start eating till like 2 mins before the bell went,
but we had like 10 mins to actually get to class after the
bell went so i had time to finish most of my soup :p

this was the first time i didnt hang out with my friends at
all during lunch, and i have to admit, i kinda had fun not
being around them cus it was like a new environment. so
care-free. no talks about problems, or worries, or some
other everyday crap like that. it was fun cus they dont
know me and i dont know them. it was just plain fun.
its .... different, and i like it.

the rest of the day ... it was ok i guess. the guy i think
is cute finally showed up in class. he's been skippin for
like the past week i guess, and he came today. i dunno if
he'll be there again tomorrow though (probly not since we
have a test).

i dont really know if i had a good day or not. i guess i
did in a way, but also not cus i didnt get no sleep and i
was tired all day :p

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