Reality Bites
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2001-10-02 23:36:38 (UTC)

Good days make it all worth it

Hey so today was good. I've decided that not ALL boys suck
(lol EM!!) My classes were good, I felt a little more in
control of my grades, cause Im caught up more. We were a
little early to school which was nice cause it gives me
time to get orginized and talk to people. Classes through
break were SO slow, and then 5th and 6th went quick cause I
took tests. Jesse is SO cute!!! Nothing monumental happened
today with him, just little things! hehe! Thennn...After
lunch, Scripture was fun, I just talked to Brian and
Johnny, and 7th was good, I got all these A papers back.
LOL i feel so smart! After school I bombed a history test,
and then Alyss and Jenn and I got a ride with a senior,Tom
so that was nice that we werent bus bound. But I felt a
little bad cause Tia had to take the bus w/out us. I luv
her shes SO sweet! So I called her and left her a message
making sure that she wasnt totally upset cause she had a
bad day. Tom is so funny and nice he bought me a diet
pepsi. lol He knows of my addiction! I just ate a salad,
and I'm gonna go work out in a few, so I'll probs write
more later!!! XOXOX!