Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-10-02 23:10:12 (UTC)

Tuesday, October 2nd

My doctor's office just called and changed my appointment
to Friday morning, I already increased my Celexa on my own
because of feeling so bad up to 40 mg twice a day. I am
hoping that is all I need, guess I will ask his approval on

I called around to see how much money we could get our
hands on (I hate not having any savings), and we can come
up with $1500, which the lawyer wanted $2000 for his
retainer. Part of me wants to take the money and get my
divorce, of course H wants to take it and get custody---
which I don't understand, he tells me if we were apart he
would not seek custody or visitation, why is he willing to
do it if we are togehter?? He says he has no emotional
attachment to this child at all, even the two times we
babysat her he did nothing, I took care of her.

I think he is playing games with my heart, any ideas from
anyone? How can he want something different with me than he
would want if he were on his own?? Sounds like he wants me
to carry some of the responsiblilty for his actions.

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