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2001-10-02 22:45:01 (UTC)

My Book

Broken Memory


" Damn You. You can't blackmail me any longer. I am going
to tell my husband the truth. You have taken too much from
us already. .." She stopped to catch her breath brfore
continuing. He never let her finish as he cut her off with a
cold sinister laugh.
" I will do anything I damn well want. Did you really
think I will believe any such nonsence about your truth. How
altruistic. All of a sudden you are going for the clean-cut
approach. PLEASE!" He smiled on his end of the phone. As the
lion had it's fragile prey did he have her in his snare of
" I am tired of the lies and the secrets. I was wrong
" Yes dear , and what,..." He waited for her to answer.
And give her just enough rope for her to hang herself.
" I want to meet with you tomorrow and discuss this face
to face."
He hadn't quite expected this. How very like a woman to do
such a complete about face. But this to he could be used to
his advantage. " When and where...I am a busy man you know
and I have little use for yor games."
She took a barely audible ragged breath before responding.
" Nine at the Bailey pier. You know the one..."
he hiung up without a retort. Better to let her sweat it
out as to what he would do.


To all my friends both new and old. Oceans carry the depth
of your spirit and mountains the fullness of you worth.
Thank you for your hearts minds and souls.

Chapter 1

Greg drove his midnight blue car skillfully along the
windy road before him. It was a road traversed so many times
before that it was instinctual. Flashes of recognition,
images upon a screen races through his mind. As if they were
pieces of a jigsaw puzzle so did the broken fragments
implode upon his battered heart. The old oak tree standing
alone,the white fence posts,the eboony cross standing feet
from the exit ramp leading to town. The last image was the
one that tore at him the most for it was an emblem of death
and irreversable sorrow. It washed over him with waves of
both anguish and regret. This was where one season of his
life had ended as another simpler form of chaos hasd begun.
Just about six months ago,almost to the day,he had lost his
wife Sheri in an automobile accident. She had beeen out that
evening alone apparently and had lost control of her car.The
crash scene had emphasized the suddeness of the crash as
pieces lay in every direction around and into the tree. He
had begun to think that there had been something or someone
who had begun to come vetween them even before her death as
she had taken many calls behind the oak study doors. Not
only that there had begun to be a gulf between them with
deepening perriods of silence. He had even had one of his
detectives hired to follow her to see if the mystery could
be unveiled. At least with her alive he would have had a
chance of returning to their life as it once had been. Now
all that there was was the black void that had become his
existance.The only thing that could permeate through his
sence of loss was the hope that he could find out what had
happened that night. He realized that he needed closier.
Every time a car screeched by or a horn blared he felt his
soul blead. He had been to a couple of support groups at the
insistance of his business partner,Derick. But they didn't
really help. All they did was appear as a reminder of his
loss. With each condolence he heard he could see and feel
her fingers grasp the wheel as surely as if they had been
his own. Maybe he needeed to take a leave of absence to
clear his head. He had been thinking about this for a little
while and was wanting to discuss this with Derick first. He
and Derick had started a detective agency while both had
graduated from a junior college quite afew years prior. Greg
had studied business and economics and Derick had studied
management. They had formed a bond as they pursued their
common goal together. They had first formed a partnership
with a couple of ex-police officers but after they retired
all together gave the firm over to the two younger
gentlemen. Now years later the compny consisted of the two
partners as well as a handful of detectives and office
personel. With his last thoughts he drove up to his friont
doors and entered his office. He noticed that Derick was not
in yet and sat at his desk further pondering the posobility
of the trip. It was the first peaceful moment he had
experienced in quite some time. As he sat in silence in his
office he found that a vacatiom seemed like a beakon of hope
that a new life could be on the horizon.