2001-10-02 22:34:39 (UTC)


If I had to pick one thing that I hated the most, it would
be liars, and it turns out I am dating one. Ken hun, you've
been lying to me and I know it. Sextracker.com, and all the
other ones I just saw. This whole time you've been claiming
that you haven't jerked off to computer porn. FUCK! You've
been doing it the whole time and lying is not okay if you
think I'm not gonna find out! You promised me. "Oh, Tara, I
look at your pictures now". You are so full of shit. Some
of the dates on the cookies were nights that I think I was
here! Probably nights before you got your black box, huh?
Come over to this fucking computer, get all turned on and
that wake me up and fuck me. Now you probably just wait
until I fall asleep, turn on the black box, watch some porn
and then wake me up to fuck me.... all the time telling me
I just looked so sexy laying there sleeping. All guys are
the same. No matter what they tell you, they are all the
same. It hurt you Ken, when I told you about the hotties
near the locker room. How do you think this feels to me?
Take that answer and multiply it by 100 then you'll have
somewhere close to an idea. Is it just too much to ask to
be the only girl that a guy gets turned on by. Fuck, I told
you I'll watch porn with you if thats what you like. But it
seems to me you'd rather do it alone. You're always
worried about us breaking up?? Well, this is something that
could definitely do it. GOD, I hate you!