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2001-10-02 22:02:31 (UTC)

*yawn* People suck

Hey again.God i hate ppl.Alec is out,Chelsea is in trouble
4 sumtin...who knowws.Mandy I dont really care...Clint,Matt
and all them dont care either.I am so bored.I am hungrey
and doin all.No 1's on aim,1 peep on yahoo,and
msn has a virus...grr.Nuffin is goin good 2day...mah cd
player is it taken away for guess wat?? NOTHING!
Life sux.Ppl hate therefore i will hate them
back.Im sittin here talkin to mah friend joe....doin
nuffin..oh i already said that.:-?Oi vay.Mandys dumpin
dave...wat a dumbass.Well...skool....grr..i passed every
class.....Well,ima go.Pz.

Song:Puddle Of Mudd-Control