my name?

my boring life
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2001-10-02 21:45:46 (UTC)

La La La was kinda cool cuz i didnt get caught for
skippen...yet anyways. Well My friend Britt told me not to
go out with Chris because of something i dont feel like
sharing with the whole world...but anyways i dont think i
wanna go out with him anyways...This kid Henry asked me out
today..i told him no..but idk why he was kinda cute.I dont
know why i dont wanna go out with anyone its kidna because
im affraid that im going to get used or something...idk i
gotta start thinking more of myself.I hate how guys seem to
see a sign on my face that says "Feel free to touch me poke
me or grab me"i its so annoying how certain guys just come
up and start touching you i hate it. School is kinda fun
now because i actually know some people. well im bored and
i dont have much to say so Bye~