my name?

my boring life
2001-10-02 21:39:32 (UTC)

Im bored...

Well today i skipped my last 3 periods with Keeley and
Kelsey...we went to Burger King for lunch yum! we had
chiken nuggets fris and rootbeer and chocholate pie
yumz...then we saw Mark there it was kinda fun xcept it was
then we went to Keeley and Kelseys aunts house...that was
madd cool cuz she didnt care we were skippen we talked to
her about shit that was going on....about kelsey and her
boy im mean xboyfriend...she gave us a pack of
cigs...marlbros but its all good and a lighter...well she
doesnt exactly know i have her lighter o well..we stayed
there about 2 hours..
Then we went back to the park and just chilled for bout and
hour or too...Debbi and Ray were skippen too so it was all
good....i hope i dont get caught cuz my mom would kill me...