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2001-10-02 21:23:17 (UTC)


Today was pretty straight. It was our senior skip day. This
morning everyone met at Burger King...I was kinda
surprised because a lot of people showed up and we were
kinda crunk! Then I went and ate breakfast at Chickfila. We
went to our skip day party, which was at Chris Jimmerson's
house. It was cool. I got a lil buzz from the lil bit of
drinking that I did do. It was cool though because everyone
was just chillin. Oh yeah, Antonio was there...so was Dana.
I don't know what to say about that poor child. He is so up
her ass. Must be nice to have 'em like that. Anyway, I
emailed Leroy about the Dana situation saying that it made
me mad. He just told me to forget about it. I mean, I'm
over it now, but just the thought of it makes me wanna slap
a bitch. I don't want Leroy to think I'm all jealous or
anything. I'm not jealous of that hussy. If the only way
she can catch Leroy's attention is through sex, then what
is there to be jealous of???? I mean, I don't know why me
and Leroy still communicate....if it's because of the sex
he will be getting, then he sure is waiting for it! But
hopefully, it's more than that. Ya know! As of now, I'm
gonna stop talking about the Dana situation. If I hear
anything else about it, then I will take action next time
and not waste it writing it down! But anyway, Kellen
emailed me today and he said he was just checking up on me.
I thought that was sweet. I know his lil ass was bored
though. I like how me and Kellen are....we just trip out.
Maybe when he comes back to the G-A, then he can make a
trip to the Ville and we can go out and laugh together.
Man, I'm soooooo ready for the dance!!! I do plan to drink
a lil something before I go in because I want to be real
relaxed. I do plan to dance to every song. I hope Leroy
makes it down for the weekend. I want to plan something
with him, but I think I'll wait for him to mention
something like that because I don't want it to seem as
though I'm clinging to him. I mean, I really love being
around him and I wish I could show that openly without
having to think that I might push him away. Ya know? I
don't know....I hope he didn't get tired of me the other
day and I hope he will want to spend some time with