Squeeb's world
2001-10-02 21:19:23 (UTC)

Ok, a little delayed reaction...

Ok, so last week I was listening to the Petes game on the
radio and at the beginning, they had a ceremony for the
firefighters who were lost in NYC. It really hit me at the
time and brought tears to my eyes. Something they said just
struck a chord with me. They were saying that how when ever
there's a fire, everyone else is running OUT, while the fire
fighters are running IN. Just shows how special they are. If
you're wondering why this means so much to me it's because
my Dad is a firefighter and I have seen him go into
dangerous situations more than once. And it's weird because
my biggest phobia on this earth is fire so everytime my Dad
gets called out to one, my heart jumps to my throat. Fire
scares me so much like even though I know it doesn't matter
cuz I'll be dead, please don't dare cremate me. That's how
much I hate fire. So you know, I always knew Daddy
was special but with the recent events, I think I just
realized how much. I know for a fact that if we lived in
NYC, he'd be one of the ones rushing to pull people out of
the rubble. Thank God we don't but still, thanks for someone
so wonderful as a Dad.
K, that is my sentimental sap for this evening. I am soon
going to go see "O" and see if I spot any Petes this
evening. Take 'er easy!

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