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2001-10-02 21:15:57 (UTC)

Second entry...about me (?)

Hey! it's me again! LoL ok...that was stupid.
So...i wanted to write some things about myself. That has
always been hard for me. I'll have to try, this might take
a while.
First off, i'm weird. Yeah, i think the word, 'Weird'
pretty much describes me. I don't know how to say things
about myself, i suppose they'll keep coming out as i write
new entries...O0oh! there, i love writing! i always write,
i write poetry and stories, but most of the time i just
blab about anything that comes to my mind.
I don't really thing anyone will read this, i'm not sure i
want anyone to read this, but i always write as if i was
writing to someone else, so i guess if someone actually
reads it it won't be so bad.
I have so much to say, and i can't put it into words, i
Hate when that happens! (oh god, there's the word hate
again, i have to stop that)
I'll have to make different entries with different
subjects...this is one of those days i just can't stop