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2001-10-02 20:59:38 (UTC)


Hey everyone. My name is Megan but most people that know me
well call me Meg. I live in Sioux falls south dakota, I am
15, I am 5"8" medium brown hair "about to put blonde
hilghts in" Dark tan and VERY LONG LEGS!
We just moved to Sioux Falls about 3 mounths ago. I Loved
it were i lived in Kentucky but i guess that it is ok here
I am a singer everything i do is dedicated to singing and
my Boyfriend. But singing is my life i am determind to be
a DIVA, and one day my dream WILL come true!
I have a wounderful Boyfriend! His name is Nick and even
though we are 1600 milles apart i will love him forever and
Well the recent News is this.* DON"T TRUST ANYONE*, there
are VERY few that i do trust because you never know who
anyone is anymore.
I had this one friend i thought that she was my best
friend but it turns out that she wasn't. We were at the
homecoming dance and she got pissed at me and i wasn't
feeling good at the time so i wanted to go home. I was
using my cell phone to call my mom but i couldn't hear
anything because it was sooo loud in there... So i went
into the Bathroom to try and see if it would work in there
was as i was dialling the # i looked up and there she is!
She called me a stupied Bitch and i told her that she
talked alot of shit for someone that never does anything
well.... then she told me that she wasn't scared of me so i
punched her.
I can tell you right now no it wasn't the best decision
because now i have in school suspention for 3 days tomorow
is my last say though!But i don't regret it!
I guess the moral of this entry is... Think about what
you say before you say it!