Mind Unleashed
2001-10-02 20:44:50 (UTC)

A Good Week


Well, this is a new way of me writing. I remember reading
these things for curiosity and telling myself i would never
be caught dead doing this.Things change.
This week started off with a good start. Alex called me on
Meg's cell and started telling me all this stuff about how
he missed me and was waiting for me to come back to New
York to continue what was left off.I took it all as some
bullshit of his, but when I started talking to Meg she said
that he still considers us going out so that completely
confused me.
He also said that he stopped taking E and that he was
getting a new job and Meg said he was doing it so that I
can see that he really does care about me. During that
phone convo. Chino got on the phone and started saying some
crap that went like this: "NaNa if you need a babysitter,
I'll take care of you" I thought I was gonna throw up when
he said that and Alex got on his case and told him if he
ever heard him talking to me like that ,that he would get
the shit beat out of him 'cause nobody talks about his
girl!!!I didn't know he still considered me his girl!!!
After that convo. I had a dream that I was pregnant with
Alex's baby!!! I almost had a heart attack when I woke up.
Now I really can't wait till I go home(New York) for
For now I'm not gonna take to heart anything he says till I
see proof!!! (Like the saying: Actions speak louder than
words!!!)Gotta go.