prom queen killer

2001-10-02 20:42:33 (UTC)


God I'm sooooo bored tonight there's no one good online
except for my best mate and some other twats:-/ I don't
know whats going on but there's something wrong with IM
because hardly anyone can talk on it ahh well. Its totally
boring though! I even sat and filled in those stupid little
email surveys for a whole hour! well it was better than
doing homework! at least in theory...
I would have gone on ff8 but I can't be bothered, me and my
mate are *supposed* to be having a race but its not really
happening seen as SOMEONE gave up on level 9! *sigh* so
there just doesn't seem much point.
I'm getting more bored by the minute! and I was having such
a good day! I don't know why but I was in a great mood when
I got home earlier now its just fizzled out though.
Stuff to look forward to though like the next art trip!
wahey! should be fun, one of my mate's is having a party
but I can just see what kind of disaster thats going to
turn into alone in the house!! eek I always seem to attract
trouble somehow!:-( anywayz I'm just going on and on and on
etc so I may as well finish off here, I don't even know why
I'm writing this but it seemed more fun than homework! hmm
what to do....