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teenage shit
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2001-10-02 20:38:15 (UTC)

i need to yell...

i really need to yell at some one i don't know who just
someone. i had the worst day. i find out that the guy i like
doesn't like me in "that" way whatever. my friend tells me
she fooled around with a guy when i liked him fuck. i'm 5
days late and i don't know if i had sex or with who i was so
drunk like three weeks ago. the bus ride home sucked the
bus drivers a whore. then when i get home me and my mom get
in a fight. the only good thing that happend latly is
yesterday my dad surprised me with wilkinson tickets. i am
so stressed out. nopthing ever goes right with anything guys
espesally. any way i gonna go i too pissed off to write.

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