Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-02 20:28:58 (UTC)

Take the photographs and still frames in your mind. . . .

hey everyone
Sup ?Not much here ! Today was so cool and I was making all
these mental photographs and still frames in my mind and I
am going to hang them on a shelf in good health and good
time ! LOL . If you don't know what I mean by that its from
a song " time of your life " by Green day ! But really
today was cool ! I got to read Matt's story ! OMG Matt it
is so good ! Wow I never knew you could write like that !
Thats so cool ! Its really kickin ! Matt is like the
coolest senior at my school ! He is a punk, sweet, awesome
guy ! He goes to my church and plays the guitar!! He is so
cool ! He is like super tall though like 6'4 " haha so he
is like 1.5' taller then me ! LOL ! But anyways he is
really good at guitar and super good at singin and
writing ! haha ! ok what else !? OH in gym class Hui like
poked my sides ( you know when people come up behind you
and poke your sides ) well I screached so loud ! It was
the funniest thing in the world ! And we were laughing so
hard ! OMG haha ! Just remembering makes me laugh ! :)! Oh
today at school was 80's day !haha fun stuff ! I didn't
dress up cause I don't do 80's ! LOL but some people did !
It was pretty screwed up ! lol ! And its Rachel's
birthday ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL !!!!!!! haha ! she is 15 !
cool stuff ! and her boy friend Hui got her a rose and a
bunch of other stuff it was so sweet ! Awww ! I want a
boyfriend here !!!!!! lol ! WOW I am so hyper ! and on the
way home from school I found out some stuff from my friend
Zack he is in 8th grade but like really cool for an 8th
grader ! anyways he told me that some guy named matt at his
school put date rape in some girls drink when Matt went to
her house ! And Matt Raped the girl !!!!!!! AWWWWW ! It was
so icky hearing about it ! I couldn't believe some little
8th grader would do that to some girl his age ! thats
crazy ! Anyways Zack said when he heard about it he grabbed
matt and threw him against the locker and said that if matt
doesn't go to JV he will f*ckin kill Matt ! Cause the girl
is like really good friends with Zack ! and Zack said that
the girl was crying and stuff and so he was talking to her
and she was really upset about it cause I guess it happend
last night and so he took her down to the office and she
told them what she rememberd and then they called Matt
down ! And I told Zack I was proud of him cause that is
like so sweet to be like that for a friend! But man if I
knew that matt kid personally I would beat the shit out of
him ! but yea ! So anyways I couldn't believe it ! What is
happening in our world!
but anyways at school it was just like one of those days
that you will remember as like one of the coolest days of
freshman year at school ! IDKY but it is ! So oh I have to
quote for today it is " When you hate someone you hate
something in them that is also in yourself, If what isn't
in us doesn't disturb us." That is todays quote is a great
one I must say ! hehe ! If you are wondering about adam I
haven't talked to him for like 3 days ! :(! Which sucks !
Adam get online ! Write in your journal !!!! Write me an e-
mail ! He has been busy with football !hehe ! I gotta
bounce yall !
Love always