A Rubic's cube and a Ball of Yarn
2001-10-02 19:41:56 (UTC)

Fade to black

Yesterday, what a day. So many friends, so much listening
on my part.

a) I ended up talking to Bill for an hour on the phone. He
actually felt the need to tell me his "problems" or maybe
just whats on his mind about the girls in his life. Its
usually ME telling HIM all MY thoughts. I like listening.
I'm good at it.

b) Mick also came to me and told me about his troubles.
Him and Caroline had a fight. Apparently shes not coming
home over the summer which equals ZERO chance for her and
Mick to hook up. On top of that Carolyn(different girl),
choose this guys Aaron over Mick. Frankly, she led him on.
She told Mick that she liked him more than aaron. beeotch!
lol jk.

c) Dan had a pretty bad couple of days. Sunday his tire
busted and he was out for 3 hours in the rain trying to fix
it. Among that, hes having trouble with some teachers and
religion class. he summed it up as "Life sucks." Good call,
Dan, good call.

d) Christine is having a huge reality kick. I guess in
Ohio, drinking, smoking, doing drugs was the thing to do,
cause there was nothing else to do in Ohio. So, down there
they think picking up guys, sleeping with them, getting
drugs is NORMAL cause thats they only life they know of.
Christine used to do some of that, but she came to Delaware
and its different. Her friends from Ohio emailed her the
other day and told her all about these things they were
doing and she realized "Whoa, that is wrong. thats not how
things are supposed to be. that isnt whats normal."

Meanwhile, all this is going on, and no ones really telling
Molly. Mick wouldnt talk to her, Dan hardly did, and I'm
guessing Bill didnt either. Molly worries TOO much all
ready, she doesnt need the extra stress of other peoples
problems even though she wants to know them. Mick was never
very fond of telling Molly stuff. he used to tell me stuff
way back when we werent even that great of friends. Who
knows. I'm happy to listen though.

I havent talked to Matt at all for like almost 3 days!
Thats weird. We've always talked a little bit each day at
least. I sent him an email on friday, didnt reply, I sent
another one today.

^This flu/cold bug going around caught me! I'm really
feeling sick on top of T.O.M. Boo-fuckin-hoo.


Musical practice and homework...so later kids!

[Life it seems, will fade away
Drifting further every day]-Fade to Black by Metallica