The First 9 Months of Our Lives
2001-10-02 18:26:22 (UTC)

I want to take another test!!!!

:) I don't feel pregnant anymore--argg! It's
aggrivating! I want to feel pregnant--this is so NOT how I
imagined it. I would love to take another pregnancy test
just to see that little purple line appear. I mean I
really shouldn't be complaining...Which I guess I'm
not...but....well...I'm just blessed because I'm not having
any morning sickness.

I really don't want that to start up just so I can FEEL
pregnant! hehehe...Anyway, my sweetheart gave me a pin
yesterday and it says I AM LOVED. I wore it today and
someone asked where I got it and when I told them my
husband gave it to me--they thought was sooo I
start thinking about my hubby and then the phone rings...It
was him!!! Heehhehe...He was calling me from work....Just
to say: "I love you!" I just sighed a deep sigh...."I love
you too!"...

I love him sooo much! man! I made him a card last Friday
and I forgot it at work and so he didn't get it until
yesterday...It went something like this:

"I wanted to write you a poem to let you know how I
feel...Made of rhythm and rhyme then maybe, your heart I
might steal.

Your sweetness of these recent days has put me in a dizzy

When I look in the mirror I see...something that does not
make me fill with glee.

But when I look into the mirror of your eyes, they tell me
I am what you want me to be...I wish it were out your eyes
that I seeĀ…

So, I just want to say thank you for your love and
encouragementĀ—I know without you I would be in much

So enough with these silly rhythms...I just want you to
know that I am glad it is you that I will be with until the
end of the times..."

I know it's not much of a poem...but hey...I'm not much of
a poet....Speaking of writing...I do write....Just not
stuff that rhymes normally--normally it just my heart
poured out on paper---That is what I posted yesterday---
Desire, Water's Edge, As You Wish, and The Tube of Life (by
John). I have more--but I didn't have them at my finger
tips to share.

I enjoy's very "releasing"...I don't know if
that word is right for what I'm trying to say...oh...well...

Back to being pregnant---I'm really happy....extatic when I
feel pregnant....I keep seeing children everywhere...Why
didn't I see this many before????? Just a mind set maybe?
Everytime I see one I just melt---How sweet! Even when
they are crying....I can't wait!!!

oooo....ouch! I'm hungry...I'm going to cut this short so
I can take my late lunch---I'm starved! :)