Chibi Kiara

Inside my head
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2001-10-02 16:03:56 (UTC)


Okay I have been thinking about this one and I think that I
suck at being friend with men b/c for some unknown reason I
belive this for a damn good resons!
To start I was Daddy's girl and for over five years now I
really haven't talked to him that much
I was my Grandpa angel well last time I herd from him was a
card with $300.00 cash in it for my high school grudation
My frist love started out as a friend then we datted and I
was calling my-self Ms. Nelson and now I haven't seen him
since I left high school!
And Now Ben... I was extremly close to him and I try
talking to him and what he do?! Rip my ass big time! For
what I don't know All I got was a Nanaki and I am still
trying to figure nanaki out! So untill I can get thing
fixed in my life this is good bye!