ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-10-02 14:53:40 (UTC)

Bathtime with the JuJu Queen

She undresses in languid moves.. no hurry.. just a joyful
anticipation of what is to come..

The steam from the running shower fills the small
bathroom.. the flicker of the candles on the bathroom
vanity add to the ambience and mood of the moment.. and she
watches herself in the mirror.. removing her skirt,
tshirt.. stepping out of her panties.. unclasping and
removing her bra.. until she stands naked.. head to one
side.. softly smiling..

Stepping into the bath.. with eyes closed, letting the jets
of warm water caress the soft skin of her neck and
shoulders... down the curve of her back.. she slowly and
methodically soaps her body.. the aroma of lavender
clinging to every part..

Softly massaging.. from her ankles.. slowly up.. enjoying
the sensations as her hands caress her knees... up to her
thighs.. rubbing a little harder.. eyes closed.. savouring
the response in her body..

Looking down at the wetness of her soft bush.. she allows
her hands to shyly slide up to rub the lips.. her fingers
slip inside, to gently tease the hard bud inside.. so
sensitive.. with the water continuing to run over her body,
her hand, her pussy lips..

As her body begins to soften and shiver slightly.. she
bends to prepare the bath..

Keeping the shower running.. to flow over her face and hair
and body.. she plugs the bath and starts the bath taps..
and eases her body down.. to lay and enjoy the watery

Adding bath oils.. laying back... slowly running her hands
across her stomach.. up.. to cup her breasts in each hand..
and slowly caressing them.. rubbing each nipple with a
thumb.. then softly pinching them.. watching them tighten
and go hard.. her breaths coming a little faster.. as she
slides lower in the water.. to move closer to the gushing
water from the bath taps..

Widening her thighs.. she slides her hands down over her
stomach.. to part her lips.. and tease and pinch her clit..
as the most secret part of her is exposed.. to the warm
rush of the water..

She gasps in surprise as the first burst of water hits her
pussy.. and she flinches away, a little afraid..

But drawn back by the tingling desire in between her
thighs.. she moves back.. to let the water tease and caress
and massage and bite into her tender and sensitive skin..
her clit is buzzing.. the pressure of the water.. without
cease.. has brought every inch of her pussy alive.. and
after only a short time.. her hips start moving
involuntarily.. with a life of their own.. as she feels the
water fucking her hard.. and thoroughly... and intensely...

Her breathing is shallow and fast.. eyes closed.. body
tensed.. as she knows she can't help but let herself go...
and come so fast.. with the water never letting up..
constantly rushing over her pussy.. and her clit.. her
fanny lips.. and she can feel her hot juices flow out of
her.. mixing with the warm water gushing over her.. as her
hips buck and her body tightens with pure ecstasy... :)

Time returns once again.. her breasts are rising and
falling with her passionate breathing.. and she moves
back.. away from the rushing water.. and lets it play
across her thighs.. as she lays back.. head resting on the
corner of the bath.. eyes closed... and she smiles.. a
slow, seductive, secret smile of pure pleasure...


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