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2001-10-02 11:41:50 (UTC)

Road Trip

I've now left Sydney but not before being forced to do a
yard of ale and drink until 2hours before I had to catch my
Last night was spent in Coffs Harbour which was dead and
today I arrived in Byron Bay which is meant to be the hippy
type place of Oz. To be honest, it's a bit dead for my
liking, so I reckon that I'll move up to Surfers' Paradise
on Thursday where things are meant to be a bit more lively.
I'm booked onto a tour tomorrow called Jim's Alternative
Tour to a place called Nimbin which is Australia's answer
to Amsterdam (You work it out!!!)
I'm just on my way out now on my todd, but I don't know
where I'm going yet. I haven't met any decent people here,
so I'm not expecting anything great. I really need to get
back into the whole lone traveller chatting shit to random
people thing like I was in Thailand.