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2001-10-02 10:01:29 (UTC)

monday nizight!

well lets see about today. i woke up around 1130 and went
galavanting with lisa. tons of fun. she dropped me off bc
i had to go to work and she had to go to school. i had a
great time at work. this weekend was a great weekend for
me. i went to girlbar, worked with cool people on saturday
night. i dunno. then on sunday i work with this guy named
chad for a bit. chad is so cool. we like all the same
movies and directors. so i finally got to see him since
before i left for texas. so i see him and got all excited
and embarrassed at the same time. i saw him later on and
he asked me if i was working wednesday night. i said no
and he asked me to go see 'hearts in atlantis" with him. i
said sure. i like him. but im in love with joan. but
shes so far away. and chad is so cool. argh argh argh. so
i got to thinking that maybe chad was just asking me out as
friends. so, today when i first got to work, i went to
tell this girl i work with, nicky, that i had a crush and
she already knew. i was like how the fuck does that work?
i havent told anyone. she told me a little birdy told
her. i was like hahaha very never gets old. so
she told me that chad told her and that he is so excited to
go. im so nervous and excited to go now. its weird. but
theres joan. and theres even peter. i feel like id be
cheating on both of them. well not really peter but joan
for sure. and then theres jerome. he came to visit me and
i had so much fun. its like we like each other so much but
we know we cant be together. argh. what the hell am i
doing? and you know what else? mary, this girl that i
kinda dated this year is writing me emails and calling me
trying to be my friend again. that she misses me so much.
she is a whole other story that i dont even want to delve
into now. so lets see if i can even attempt to figure this
out. lets put all the cards on the table.
1.joan....the perfect girl for me. but shes in texas and i
dont really want girls anymore. cool. so far. but i work with him and it
might get weird, you know?
3.jerome....the perfect guy for me but hes black and my
parents are so racist. and hes 30 and im 21...kinda a big
deal to me.
4.david....ok hes pretty much out of the picture bc he
called me like 400 times a day. sorry...but he got way
attached way too fast. such a good guy too.
5.mary....argh i should leave her out of this but everytime
we get around each other we end up making out. so if we
become friends again...we will probably start making out
again...argh! so if i decide to be her friend again she
will be thrown into this mix up.
6.peter....havent even met him but theres something about
him that makes me think about him. from what i hear from
joan hes the best guy ever. he has a great voice. crazy.
7.angelina jolie....shes the love of my life. i have to
include her. i mean we did hug that one time. shes
probably been thinking about me ever since. lol ok so
maybe its the other way around.

this is too long and im going to go to bed. to sum up my
night...i got off work and got a call from margaret. my
friend from college. she was my everyday friend...geez i
miss her. so her lisa and i got stoned and that was pretty
much it. im now sitting here...talking to jerome and
peter. im so stoned and so tired...have to pretend to go
to school tomorrow. night everyone. (yawn)

so lets get realistic...