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2001-10-02 09:51:30 (UTC)

A new heart

I am a just a person with many desires,
One filled with dreams, goals, and tons of love,
To allow someone deep in my heart was once imposible,
Letting my soul open to another was very rare,
There was a time when, I hardly cared at all,
My everyday task was to hide away true feelings,
Once waking to find myself as sad as when I fell asleep,
Many dispointments to find myself tears again,
Trying to forget everything.. to move on.. was so hard,

My heart has has been entered with a new ray of light,
This person has opened my soul and allowed it to sore,
Not only do I care, I love all that surrounds me,
My everyday task is work for a new life, move to the future,
I wake with a smile followed by a sigh..a giggle and tear,
Never will I forget what I now have, honestly how could I,

I have all that I need, All that I wanted, all I craved,
A mended heart, a complete soul, and a wonderful future,
I love all that I am... I love all that I can....
I look to the future I see two people,
The two people I live for,
One came from so far and the other from within,
The man of my dreams, and a little girl who is my angel
My beautiful Matt, my precious Hannah,
I will love you both forever, taking care of your hearts,
Holding you both tight, Telling you both I love you,
Live to please you both one as a lover the other as a mother
Holding your heart's, I shall never break,
As for my heart you both hold the key,
As long as I love I shall be blessed those 2 who love me :)
I love you Matt ...I love you Hannah

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