Miss Misery

The Truth Of My Life
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2001-10-02 08:17:05 (UTC)

Good morning.... *a big yawn*

I woke up 11 am. Now it´s 11:12 am in Finland. School
starts at 12 pm. Not nice... We have only one hour, but
still. It´s math! Or maths? I don´t know how to write it.
Anyway... It´s a new rainy day in my little world. I´m
gonna dedicate this day to... BIOLOGY! I have to read all
day long... Boring. This time I WILL read!Everyday I
promise to read, but I still haven´t read at all... But
perhaps I will keep my promise today? Lets see. Now I have
to go and get a nice hot shower. Before I go out and
freeze.. It´s so cold! Fall... I´m waiting for the winter.
Lot of snow and stuff like that. Still cold, but it doesn´t
rain all the time. It snows...

~Miss Misery

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