Writings On The Wall
2001-10-02 07:48:16 (UTC)

Bah. What does it all mean?

Today was pretty good. Woke up at 5pm after going to bed at
9 last night. That's 20 hours of sleep. My sleeping
disorder is so weird. I don't even know what it is. And
after waking up at 5pm I was tired at 9. I think I have a
serious problem. I call it "Insomniolepsy"; a mixture of
insomnia and narcolepsy. It's really REALLY hard for me to
fall asleep and I can only fall asleep between 4 & 11am,
then I sleep til 5pm or later. Sometimes it's dark out when
I wake up. If anyone reading this knows what might be wrong
or has the same problem, PLEASE e-mail me at:
[email protected]

Anyway, back to my day, I woke up and cleaned my dwelling,
then Justin came over and we went to see if Lucy was
working and she wasn't. Then we went to the DT and got some
stuff, then we went and picked up Amie at night school, wnt
to Mickey D's, then back to their place for a bit, then I
went home. OH! And we went to Turtle's Msic and I got the
Cluck Cluck single and the GLITTER soundtrack!! I Love
Mariah Carey! She is a goddess!!

It was a tit bit nippley out today too but it was SO NICE!
I wish it was that temp. ALL year LONG!!

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