Nick's Journal
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2001-10-02 07:18:23 (UTC)

My comforter and My friends.

My comforter is great. Sure it took me 3 hours to put the
damn thing in its case but overall it's a good deal. of
course i nearly suffocated as i suddenly found myself on
the INSIDE and the comforter was trying to push ME
in....fucking ikea crap, it'll turn on you like
that......just like those swedish people. but it's okay
because now i can lie in my bed and be warm, mmmmm, oh
yeah, it's great.
my comforter is plaid green, so if you ever see a plaid
green thing walk across the drill field it's because my
comforter has succeeded in finally stuffing me inside of
that linen.
okay now for the sappy part. i'm sorry i must write this.
My friends -
It's wrong to list people, and i won't, but i can tell you
what i've learned from the people i've encountered and been
privileged to call friends.
~ no matter how horribly offensive you may think a joke is
it's not offensive enough. you can always take it one
notch further, and those that are offended have every right
to be, and you have every right to enjoy their misery if
they're that stupid.
~ getting along with people is better than judging
them...i'm horrible at not judging, but i'm learning, oh so
~ it doesn't matter how boring or monotonous a routine is
if it's done with a friend and you can both rely on it to
bring you together for a few hours a week.
~ anthropomorphizing is ok, even if they're three chipmunks and a sun
~ how to pronounce nachos nuevos or however the hell you
spell it :-).
~ what bonds you closest is the fact that you can tell what
the other is thinking just by looking in their
eyes...that's why i can't be friends with someone that
has "stupid eyes"
~ philosophizing bout everything is more fun when drunk
~ my cat is cooler than my dog
~ my dog is cooler than my cat
~ buffalo wings taste great.
~ krispy kreme is the best thing to happen to richmond
since sliced bread, and thehistory section isn't that bad
if you can bitch about it to someone that can laugh bout
your fretting.:-)
~ appreciation for music is something i can never attain,
all i can do is listen, and try.
~ wallyball is great especially if you can be in a room with 3 other
people at once and still get along after that
~ cigarettes are not only a great way to meet people but also kill
them, and if you don't want to kill them, there's nothing better than
sitting on the steps and flicking them at people, and watching them
pick them up with a sheepish look.
~ acid pigs and crack cows will always be together.
~ and the last thing that i can think of since it's so late
there are few # 1s, a good deal of # 2s, and way too many #
3s, my # 1s are the ones that i feel invincible with, those
that i don't feel that i need to impress, those that
understand that my sarcastic/idiotic humor filled with
slurs and such is nothing more than my attempt to make life
more enjoyable. they are those that know me and who i am,
who can look at this entry and not think "god damn another
sentimental article? why doesn't sigmund freud analyize
something funny." but instead think ":-)"