Still Straight
2001-10-02 07:01:29 (UTC)

Because the last one was crap.

Yea, so I decided that the last one was crap, even though I
totally didn't feel like getting into it.

Today, let's see, what did I do. I had play practice as
well as drama group practice. It was fun, but it is the
people that makes it fun. Forget the script, just get up
there with people and do whatever and you will have fun. I
wish that all acting could be that way, just get up there
with people who know what they are doing and just go at
It's hard for me to be in college when all I want to do is
go out there and start my career. I love acting
unrealistically mcuh and get so antsy whenever I think
about it. It isn't anywhere near the fame and fortune as
it is or most people, I actually love acting and want to
dedicate my life to it. Woo, fun stuff, I can't wait.
Now for the formalities...
I am a 19 year old acting student at an East Coast College
who has more than my fair share of crap to deal with.
Between school, friends (as you may have gathered from the
first piece of crap I wrote...), family, as well as my own
insecurities and inner-dealings, I have certainly
dealt/deal with more than most people do in their entire
lifetime. Yea, so it's a big claim to make, well, live my
life for a day and you will understand. I hate to divulge
all of my innerings, being I would like to have a reason to
continue to write in this journal. Hopefully someone would
read it. I really need this outlet. My friends are great
and all, but no one really can, or cares to, get
introspective/philosophical and all that simply beause they
aren't used to it. SO WHAT! God gave you a mind, use it.
Stop making excuses for your ignorance and use your brain,
as ugly as you might have made it.
So, I live in an apartment with three other guys. Two in
each room. My actual roommate roommate is a freak and
really is the most disgusting person I have ever had the
displeasure of knowing. I know that is horrible to say,
but it is all about the honesty, right? So anyway, he is
totally just gross. For staters. I got to go.