Still Straight
2001-10-02 06:39:31 (UTC)


So, today is the first day I will be writing in this
journal. Hope it is all you expect.
It amuses me to see the ignorance that people demonstrate
in day to day life. I really don't believe I have gone a
day without being trapped into some sort of mind-numbing
conversation (in reality it is a monologue that some mis-
led person decides to regale me with). I just wish people
would understand that there are much more important things
to life besides themselves or their latest crush. Think
about things with a little more depth. It doesn't have to
be philosophy, but exhert some sort of effort in your
thought pattern, stop just living your life the same way
everyday. BE DIFFERENT! MIX IT UP! Ugh, so anyway. Here
it is, there will be more, I am just really tired and
really have no desire to babble on about nothing.