Modicum Tirade
2001-10-02 05:23:06 (UTC)

Another day

Today as I was leaving school, this girl in a black Camry
asked if she could have my parking spot. I told her no
problem and that she should follow me. Parking is
hellacious at my school. They have an entire lot closed
down to build a new library, so it's necessary to park in
the back lots if you arrive in the afternoon. That sucks
because you have to hike up a giant hill. Anyway, she was
following me in her car as I walked to my truck and some
chick in a pink Tercel somehow ended up in front of her.
Tercel-lady was determined to get my spot. I walked up to
her window after I set my bookbag in my front seat.

"Hi. This girl behind you is going to take my spot. She
followed me because I told her she could have it." I
turned to walk away.

"That ISN'T how things work around here. It's first come
first serve!" She was snotty.

"OK then. I'm not leaving yet." And I got into my truck
and sat there a minute.

The dumb woman sat there and waited for me. I finally just
shifted into reverse and let her have my flippin spot. I
apologized out my window to the other girl, but I still
felt bad for her. She didn't even speak English very well
so she probably thought that I was cursing at her or
something. She didn't seem angry though. It bothers me
that someone would think that they're too good to be
courteous to somebody. Of course she didn't want to walk
up the hill... who does??