lost in the dark
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2001-10-02 05:10:48 (UTC)

Another back wards glace...

Well, Entry it is late once again. And work is going to
be long. But, I have promised to tell you about the closes
one to my heart. May I never forget her.
Ever remember that one specail friend that you had when
you were growing up. Well, this one was like a family
member to me. And I hold her to my heart to look for the
best ways to take. Christine was one that use to baby sit
me and my twin when we were probly about 5 or 6. Christine
could not have been 9 or 10. As time went by and we got
older there was a specail friendship that brewed. Maybe I
was too young to understand what was happening to me then.
But, can someone that young love another person and really
understand what it means. I personnally think soo. Every
summer all since I knew that Christine was going to be
coming camping with us. It was something that I looked
forward to. One day I thought that I saw a glimse of her at
the trailer camp that we were staying at. As I rounded the
corner I could have sworn that she was standing there
beside her friend laughing. And to my surprise it was she.
Just that over the winter I did not see her much. She had
grown over the winter. The body type had changed. But, not
that laugh of hers. When she saw that I was standing there,
me with a silly grin on my face, because I was only 12 at
the time and the biggest crush of my life time. *smiles*.
She told me that she was only down for the day, and that
she might be back later that week. I don't think that I was
all that disappointed to hear that. Still got a chance to
play cards with her and chat alittle. Considering I am only
12 what can I chat about. Anything that a 12 year has done
in the last 3 days. Probly as far back as most usaully do
remember LOL.
I laugh now because I know that what happened was ment to
be. But, at the time it felt like I was crying for weeks on
end. On the day that Christine was suppose to show back up
for the second day of the summer. I went to the trailer and
saw that Mrs. White what crying and my mother was there.
Dam. To stir old memories that are as clear as the sun on a
cloudless day. This is when I was told that Christine was
hit by a train the day before. This is something that i do
not understand. Y did I decline from going to the wake. I
now know that it was probly the best thing that I did not
go. But, did I cry. I still look on the happy parts that I
remember about her. And that is were I get the strange to
keep going sometimes :). I shed no tears for the time that
I had with my babysitter is priceless.
Well, Entry that is the story of Christine White. Dear
friend I will always remember you.
Hmm, just thinking to myself now after writing this. What
was the sence of writing this, if a diary is uaually about
what has happened during the day.
Ohh, well. At least another part of life has actaully
been writen down for me. Time to carry on with real life
and to stop thinking about the past. Entry remind me to
tell you some happier time of my life. Thanks for listening
anyways. Happier times to come :).

Lost in the Dark...