lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-10-02 04:48:42 (UTC)

My Kids...

I know i talk about having kids a lot, and today i had a
good talk with my mom about having kids and how cool it
will be and stuff and i was thinking about all the stuff
i'll do as a parent...

i'll buy my kids cool clothes, but not too many so they
don't get spoiled.

i'll encourage my kids to do instruments,
take karate, play soccer, whatever.

i won't act like i'm a martyr. i realize that by having
kids, i'll be giving up part of me to do stuff for them...i
hope to be able to do that without complaining to them.

i will be conservative tv, no halloween,
everything cool like that.

i'll home school my kids. this is like my #1 priority in
life. i want to raise a tight, cute, awesomely Christian

i want my husband to play guitar or learn how to so that we
can do worship as a family.

i have a lot of other stuff, too...and another thing is
that i want my kids' names all to mean something. the ones
i have so far:

corban davis danger
jackson jedidiah
caris christalena joely
nevaeh luciana

mm yes i like those names. corban, jedidiah, caris, joel(y), and
nevaeh are all related to God. davis is my grandpa's & my bro's
middle name. christalena is just a pretty name, and luciana means
light. ahh so pretty.

well now i have to snap back into my own little world where i need to
finish cleaning my room and get ready to face another day at my tough
school. at least i have choir tomorrow...and youth group. ahh i
think i'll be ok! ;-)