bitch-it's a compliment
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2001-10-02 04:45:10 (UTC)

A pint of blood-wow!

so these past few days have been hectic. I've had to work
all weekend but at the same time i had a party for two
days. TWO DAYS! MAn I'm a party animal. NO (just kidding
about the party animal part). I'm giving blood to the red
cross. A pint of blood-wow. Speaking of blood. Do you
ever just cut yourself and watch yourself bleed? You never
realize how precious life is till you sit down and watch
yourself bleed. The way it slowly just rolls down your arm
or leg, it's thick and deep red. It's quite beautiful
actually. I don't know everyone here can think I'm a
weirdo but it's so true. Just stop and watch something in
silence with an open mind-you'll notice every little
detail. No matter what it is. And you'll think
differently about it too. I don't know It seems i never
have anything interseting to say. But i gots to go for now.