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2001-10-02 04:04:38 (UTC)

Dreamscape-Reptile spiritualist with answer on her tongue

The dreamscape was a drama, lots of people, some kind of a
search. Most notable & vivid:

I am in the realm of some kind of spiritual being. It is
almost alien, reptilian-like, with head shrouded in a vale
around a snake or dragon like face. Her helpers were
gathered evenly around her as she floated above a table,
illuminated. I was speaking to her asking why? Almost
demanding, but carefully respectful.
She grew aggravated with my questioning, slowly opening her
mouth and reavealing her tongue. As she stuck out her
tongue, I could see something green and chewed up laying on
her tongue. As I drew closer it looked like a leaf that had
been chewed up.

Then suddenly, I realized that I was in a dreamscape and it
was like I had been dropped onto my bed, waking me up
instantly. This caused me to forget the drama of the dream
just as quickly, only remembering the entrance into
the 'realm' of the spirit.