I Am The Jack Of Diamonds
2001-10-02 03:51:43 (UTC)

Monday Night, Another Losing Fight

When I started playing tonight, i looked at my statistics
and realized i had already played 90 games. Wow.

I thought i'd make it 91 games before i went to bed, so
started a game to 75.

After 4 rounds?

2 (me!) / 13/ 34 / 19

Of course everyone started picking on me once i had a
noticeable lead, and the next round resulted in a three way
tie at 14 points each.

Two rounds later?

21 (me) / 14 / 76 / 30

Another loss, another wasted effort? I didn't think i
played that poorly, so i'm not sure i learned too much from
this game. However, if i continue to think that i'm not
playoing poorly and keep losing, i'm obviously ignorant or
terribly unlucky.

I only hope that my constant losing and disheartening
second-place finishes are not indicative of how i will
shape my life in the busy week ahead of me.

rating: 1452

17 wins (19%)
74 losses (81%)