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2001-10-02 00:50:53 (UTC)

It is raining since Monday morning - I miss her

I intended to work all day. Passing by many schools. But
the tropical rain didn't let it. I started at middle of
afternoon. When was almost ten of night I came home town.
In meantime at school I met some girls. They wanted to talk
to me. But I was occupied with my plans and didn't notice.
They would be the people I wanted to talk to learn more.
That's I think is not my game. I better standing here and
writting what I think. I met another friend in arrival at
my town. She was some friend that I ever found in outstreet
public transportation stop. I lent her my rain deep blue
cloak. It was starting to rain again.
I met my friend Mel at outside street ten o'clock. She was
with her boyfriend now. I may in anger but not. I just asked
with eyes if she was happy. She understood if I had a
chance. It made her happy.
I do the better I do. I will search and translate some
home work for her. It would not be right. But I think if
I accept her as girlfriend in beginning of this year things
would be different. She is smart but lazy or delayed or
discouraged. I think if she would be the girl she deserve
to be If I was truly with our feelings.
In this year reminding to memories. She talked to me from
her heart. She screamed when I had been disguising. Because
crowds are not my spot. I pretended I don't like her so
much many times to save her from false friends. She never
does any play without a crowd to see. My heart pays my
choice everytime she feels lost and lonely. It is why I'm
doing the homework for her. She doesn't know that.
I will ask her tomorrow if she did the home work. By other
side I will be proofing who is the one that really minds
about friends. A friend is better than a lover. Love and
Hate are waves of a same tide. Friendship is savior.
Odds are against me and her but I'm always her side. To help
but not company.
The best I ever have done. It have captivated my friends.
Being myself truly and unique in feelings and concerns.
I'll remember it tomorrow when I see them. It is still