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2001-02-28 19:33:22 (UTC)

_Love Divine_ You are still..

_Love Divine_

You are still there.
Caulking the cracks in my tiles.
Filling the gaps created by barren souls,
with plentiful fields of quenching abundance.
The fish you gave could have fed thousands,
only now, blackened by the realization of dark cells,
and later, illuminated by the demise of ignorance,
became the creation of the image of one.

A singular presence standing among a sea of eyes.
Starring at the lashes that curl towards the heavens.
For did we know that is where poignant bristles aim.
Indefinately assured by my stolen sword.
Weaponary of martyrs that stood upright.
Unable to release the man-made malleable mixture from its
defiant home.

We stood crouching in courting quarters.
Jestering our aims at better times.
Waiting in patience I hope for miracles.
Meals for two that remain untampered,
Frozen by the ideological change.
Forgiveness of sins in the form of a cross.
Your death bed has become my own.
As I lay down, I repeat the image I see.
Envisioning the wick aflame.
Your light accompanies my surrender.
Squeezing the cylinder of soul.